Antonio Mariano

Antonio Mariano graduated in Electronic Engineering (Curriculum Photonics) at the University of Pavia in 2013 with a dissertation on the Characterisation of AlGaAs Waveguides for Optical Signal Processing.

Soon after the graduation he continued his studies on Integrated Optical Devices and on Biomedical Optoelectronic Devices in the Integrated Photonics Lab of the University Of Pavia where he obtained his PhD in 2017. His main research activity, funded by the European Project “NISTAS”, was focused on the production of a device able to evaluate the status of the cardiovascular system and prevent diseases by exploiting optical devices and techniques. He also spent 3 months as Visiting Researcher in the Department of Information Technology (INTEC) at Ghent University – Photonic Research Group to study methods of integration of the same device.



After some year working in the area of the Optical Fiber Telecommunication, he’s now employed at Facebook Ireland (Oculus), working  on the development of Integrated Optical Devices.