Bio-photonics ans Optofluidics

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Over the past twenty years, microfluidics raised a significant interest in the scientific community thanks to the possibility of handling and manipulating reduced sample volumes (nL-microL). The great advances occurred in the fields of micromachining and microfabrication technologies allow the integrationof multiple functionalities within a single microfluidic chip, thanks to the inclusion of different sensors and actuation mechanisms.

In our laboratory, we design and realise microfluidic systems integrating optical and acoustic actuators for biological and rheological applications. In particular, we study the mechanical properties of biological samples and complex materials exploiting optical and acoustic waves. Research themes include:

  • study of mechanical properties of single cells using integrated optical strechters
  • study of rheological properties of complex materials cell sorting in acoustofluidics-based microchips 
  • biomedical advanced devices

Our scientific partners for this research theme include: