Antonio Agnesi

Role: Full Professor

Antonio Agnesi is Full Professor of Physics at the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Pavia, where he leads the Industrial Photonics group (formerly Laser Source Laboratory).

His teaching duties include introductory physics courses for engineering students as well as advanced photonics courses for graduate students.

His research focuses on experiments/modelling of diode-pumped low/high-power solid-state and fiber lasers, operating in various regimes such as cw, Q-switching, mode-locking (ps/fs systems) and application of nonlinear optics to pulse generation and compression as well as frequency conversion techniques.

He is co-founder of the successful spin-off company Bright Solutions (started in 1998, now 60+ employees, many of them graduated / PhDs from his research group), where he is Member of the Board.

He holds 3 patents and he is author of 242 publications (papers, proceedings, book chapters).

  • DPSSL and FL technology
  • ultrafast laser technology
  • nonlinear optics applications to laser sources
  • new nonlinear and laser materials
  • numerical modelling of laser sources
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Antonio Agnesi è attualmente responsabile dei seguenti insegnamenti:
• Fisica 2 (Ingegneria Elettronica ed Informatica)
• Industrial laser design (Master Degree in Electronic Engineering)