Daniele Bajoni

Role: Associate Professor

Daniele Bajoni (male) obtained his PhD degree in 2004 from the UNIPV with a dissertation on optical spectroscopy of photonic crystals and microcavities. After holding a post-doc position at LPN-CNRS (FR), he obtained a tenure position as assistant professor in experimental solid-state physics at UNIPV, where he was appointed associate professor in 2014. His research interests include strong light-matter interaction and experimental quantum photonics. He has demonstrated several devices for quantum optics integrated in silicon chips, including a micrometric source of entangled photon pairs. Overall, he is co-author of more than 80 journal publications with more than 2000 citations, and an H-index of 26 (Scopus).
Daniele Bajoni teaches Basic Electromagnetism (Fisica 2) and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Technologies.
Quantum Photonics research at Unipv has been mainly focused on the development of integrated, silicon based sources of states of light useful for quantum technologies, in particular entangled photon pairs and single photon states. This research activity is done in collaboration with the Physics Department of Unipv. Among our main results is the demonstration that the photon pairs emitted by ring resonators are indeed entangled, reaching the longstanding goal of a source of entangled photons which is microscopic, bright and integrated on a silicon chip. This result was featured by 35 different media outlets with an estimated audience of over 26 million. Recently we also started to develop artificial intelligence algorithms to be run on quantum computers. We have recently demonstrated a quantum artificial neuron, the basic building block of neural networks, and are developing neural networks to be fully run on quantum computers. These activities are performed in collaboration with several private firms, including ST Microelectronics, IBM and CEA LETI.
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  • “Ultra-low power generation of twin photons in a compact silicon ring resonator”, Stefano Azzini, Davide Grassani, Michael J Strain, Marc Sorel, Lukas G Helt, JE Sipe, Marco Liscidini, Matteo Galli, Daniele Bajoni, Optics express 20, 23100-23107 (2012)
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Daniele Bajoni è attualmente responsabile dei seguenti insegnamenti:

  • Fisica 2 (Ingegneria Industriale)
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Technologies

Argomenti di tesi disponibili:

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  • Silicon Nitride dual OPOs
  • Frenquency based photonics qubits