Valerio Vitali

Role: Postdoc researcher

Valerio holds the position of Research Associate at the Integrated Photonics Laboratory, University of Pavia. He graduated with honours in Electronic Engineering (curriculum Photonics) at the University of Pavia in 2016. He was part of the team that studied innovative optical communication components for next generation optical networks, in the frame of the EU project named “Fabulous”. He then joined the Integrated Photonics Laboratory at the University of Pavia, as PhD student, working on the design and realisation of integrated optofluidic devices, mainly for rheological and biological applications. His research interests are: optofluidics, acoustofluidcs, bio-photonics and silicon photonics.
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  • Silicon  and silicon nitride photonic devices (design, fabrication and testing)
  • Integrated electro-optic devices for tele-com applications
  • Optofluidics
  • Biophotonics
  • Nonlinear optics for all optical signal processing